Tea Estates

Eastern Produce Malawi tea estates are situated in two areas; the Thyolo District, approximately 50kms south west of Blantyre, the old commercial city of Malawi, and Mulanje District, approximately 120kms west of Blantyre, close to the Mozambique border. Malawi’s cool winters and hot, wet summers, produce bright coloury teas in a tea growing season starting in December, at the onset of the rains, and tailing off in May as the temperature drops.
Tea estates in the Thyolo area comprise; Makwasa, Mianga, Kasembereka and Gotha located at altitudes from 900m to 1100m. All estates have their own processing factories and also receive green tea leaf from smallholders for processing.
Estates in the Mulanje area comprise; Esperanza, Lauderdale, Mini Mini, Ruo, Glenorchy, Likanga, Eldorado, Thornwood, Phwazi, Chisambo and Limbuli located at 600m to 800m above sea level. Each has their own processing factory and again receive some green tea leaf from smallholders for processing.
Lujeri Tea Estates grow and process high quality tea on its estates under the imposing Mount Mulanje the highest point in Malawi
Its tropical location and superior cultivar plant varieties produce excellent quality teas that are unusually high in health promoting anti oxidants.
The company’s commitment to consistent quality and reliability of supply has secured for it customers who blend tea in the UK Western Europe the USA and Eastern Europe.Daycare
Lujeri exerts a significant influence on the lives of a very large number of people in the local community and this influence is evaluated on a continuous basis to ensure that it is increasingly beneficial to all.