Where to get what

Lodges and guest houses

  • CCAP Likhubula House
  • Chididi Motel
  • Chikumbe Motel – at the border
  • Haest Lodge – Phalombe
  • Hapuwani Village Lodge
  • Kara ‘O’ Mula Country Lodge
  • Kokotowa Executive Lodge
  • Likhubula Forestry Lodge
  • Limbani Lodge
  • Madalo Guest House
  • Mulanje Golf Club – Camping site
  • Mulanje View Motel
  • Mulanje Motel
  • Mulodza Executive Lodge
  • Ndangopuma Resthouse
  • Tikondane Resthouse
  • Thuchila Tourist Lodge – Phalombe

Where to eat

  • Curry Pot Restaurant – Chitakale
  • Delicious Foods – Chitakale
  • Mulanje Pepper – Chitakale
  • Nancy’s Dream – Likhubula
  • Real Tasty – Mulanje Boma
  • Rob & Wills – Chitakale

Leisure & Entertainment

  • Chris Corner
  • New Savanna
  • Rob & Wills
  • Small Ville

Tour Operators

  • Africa Wildtruck
  • Mulanje Outdoors Adventures
  • Mulanje Hikers
  • Mulanje Outlook Travel

Camping on the mountain is not allowed but several Mountain Huts on the high plateaus offer basic facilities – sleeping space, a fireplace for cooking and a resident watchman who supplies water and wood. The accommodation may be Spartan but is more than compensated by the magnificence of the surroundings. The huts were originally built by the forestry department to house visiting officers and were never intended for popular tourism so to avoid congestion from overbooking it is essential to reserve places at the Likhubula Forestry Office or infoMulanje. All accommodation must be booked and paid for in advance with the Forestry Officer.

For camping, before you set off for the mountain hike, the Mulanje Golf Club has the necessary facilities. On the mountain plateaus there are ten huts namely Chambe, Francis’ Cottage,  Lichenya, Hope’s Rest Cottage, Chinzama, Minunu, Thuchila, Sombani, Chisepo and Madzeka. It is also necessary to take note of distances and times that you would take between one hut and another.