By Mervis Lodzanyama
Bondo communities have applauded the establishment of Bondo Mini Grid Hydropower station which is powering over 1600 houses in the mountainous area including the health centre and school.

Speaking during the handover ceremony of the Bondo mini grid power station to the government of Malawi, Traditional Authority Sunganinzeru said the power station is a life saver for many as it provides easy access to the health facility.

“The health canter is now powered but also the hydro power is a motivation to the establishment of other small-scale businesses in the area,” said Sunganinzeru.

He however, pointed out the need to distribute more meter readers and electrify other areas.

“We have about 2500 houses that are in need of meter readers so t is my plea to the government should help them access the meters on time”, he said.

Responding to the call, the Minister of Energy Ibrahim Matola said they would look into the matter and make sure people have the meter readers delivered to them as soon as possible.

“I have taken note of the issue of meter readers distribution to the two remaining villages therefore we will work on in so that they should not feel sidelined from the benefits of this electricity”, Matola said.

Matola also advised the chiefs to use their power and make sure communities refrain from vandalizing the equipment so that they should continue to benefit from the electricity

Bondo Mini grid power station, is sourced from Lichenya river that runs from Mt Mulanje.

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