Tereza Master, Evance Nyazule conquer Porters Race

By Llywellenie Mpasa

Tereza Master and Evance Nyazule were on cloud nine after they won the 25km Mount Mulanje Porters Race on Saturday.

Known for its gruelling terrain and demanding conditions, the race attracted 174 participants, including 12 international contenders.

In the ladies’ category, Master posted 2:49:11 to win the section but she fell to beat the record which Doris Fisher set last year when she covered the same distance in 2:40:15.

Master said she was thrilled to win the race.

“I am honoured to have won the Mount Mulanje Porters Race. It was an incredibly challenging and rewarding experience. I am grateful for the opportunity to showcase my skills on such a prestigious platform,” she said.

Tereza Master and Evance Nyazule

Gloria Adam was second and Zinenani Stephano ended on third.

In the men’s category, Evance Nyazule claimed victory with an outstanding time of 2:09:15.

Charles Musowa finished as runner-up while Gravazio Mpani ended on third position.

Both Master and Nyazule received gold medals and K750,000 each for their outstanding performances from the Malawi Gaming and Rotaries Authority (Magla).

The runners-up received silver medals and K500,000 each while the third-placed individuals got bronze medals and K300,000 each.

In the international 25-kilometre race, Aarne Begihn clinched the gold medal in the men’s category while Jackob Hojnacki took home silver. Levi Engel secured the bronze.

In the women’s category, Laura Calderwood claimed the top spot, followed by Chiara Elise Mendes in second place and Emma Van der Parso in third.

Minister of Tourism Vera Kamtukule, who graced the race as the guest of honour, underscored the event’s importance in promoting tourism in the country.

“We are calling upon the private sector to collaborate with the Ministry of Tourism in promoting and supporting the growth of both domestic and international tourism,” she said.

Lead organiser of the race Kondwani Chamwala said this year’s event surpassed their expectations.

“The level of participation, the determination of the athletes and the support from the community contributed to its success,” he said.

Malawi National Council Sports Council Board Chairperson Sunduzwayo Madise, who participated in the fun run segment, said the race exemplified the spirit of sportsmanship and adventure that the institution aims to promote and nurture in Malawi. “The board is fully committed to supporting and promoting events that celebrate athleticism, showcase our natural beauty and contribute to the growth of sports tourism,” he said.

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